Sunday, September 30, 2012

Surgery Update...

Thank you for your prayers. Surgery was a great success. I evidently had experienced a gall bladder attack and not recognized it and they were able to remove a smaller section of the colon than originally thought.

Margaret took a picture of me and the article I picked up in the waiting room which I read while waiting for them to take me into the operating room. Too funny.

This morning we woke to large flakes of snow bringing the first snowfall of the season!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update from Naknek!

Greetings from Alaska!

We're enjoying our ministry and life in at the radio station and Margaret teaching first grade. It seems unbelievable that we are about to start our third winter here. Although I am in Anchorage today, the weather forecast for Naknek is snow showers.

Margaret is doing well, though very busy until mid-October with the beginning of school and finishing assignments for two graduate classes. We enjoy having Esther with us. She has just started teaching the preschool class across the hall from Margaret while still working for the airline.  

Margaret healed nicely from her two surgeries last year. It's my turn now. Friday at 11:30 a.m.  (Alaska Time) I am to have my gall bladder removed and a partial colectomy. Every five years since my brother died of colon cancer I have been tested and this time they decided to do surgery. We are thankful that the lab results did not reveal any cancer. Margaret is flying in from our home in bush Alaska tonight and will remain with me until we return home on Tuesday. I thought I should bring a microphone and give a live report from the table on KAKN-FM. The doctor didn't agree.  It was quite a surprise to find that the hospital director's wife was Margaret's dad's confirmation student some fifty years ago. Small world.

We enjoyed our time last summer with our children and grandchildren, and yes, our newest grandson, in Dallas. Ruthie, Josh and Elijah are on their partnership development tour with Lutheran Bible Translators. They are visiting my late-brother's family in Fresno today.

While we were away this summer a couple of teams travelled to Naknek and built a garage for us. What a difference that garage will make for us this winter. Another couple will arrive in a few days to wire it and a new transmitter we just received.

We appreciate you emails, your support of us as missionaries to Alaska, but especially for your prayers.

Would you also take a moment right now to pray for Wayne and Karen Floan (they both work on our AFLC campus, and are dear friends to all that know them) Wayne has been diagnosed with CML leukemia.  He will have a bone marrow test tomorrow.  Thank you for upholding Wayne and Karen and their family in prayer.

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