Saturday, December 02, 2006

Big Changes

Dear family, friends and fellow workers,

Our last letter told you that we celebrated 25 years of missionary service. This letter will tell you that after nine wonderful years with The JESUS Film Project we have decided to finish theological studies and will therefore not be moving to Orlando as we had originally planned.
We have a three-bedroom seminary apartment overlooking one of the 10,000 (actually 11,842) beautiful lakes of Minnesota. What a blessing it is to have John and our daughter, Ruth, who has been attending Northwestern College in St. Paul, with us.

Will this be easy? Most probably not. We moved with just what fit in our cars. Within a few days, thanks to many kind and generous people, we had a completely furnished apartment! We have moved with only the knowledge that God has faithfully taken care of us all these years and will continue to do so. We are so very thankful for the more than 100 people and churches that have been praying for us over the years and investing financially in our ministry. We would not have been able to play the part we did without you! We hope that you will continue to stand with us both prayerfully and financially during this new training period. One of my classmates is a former Campus Crusade for Christ staff member who also felt the call to become theologically trained. They have reported that their support team has made it possible for them to be there. That was a real encouragement to us!

On the campus also sits a Bible school with 140 students, for which Bob is privileged to assist the new dean part-time. Our family has had a great burden and appreciation for the Bible school movement. Our daughters were the fifth generation to attend one of the five sister Bible schools.

Margaret is enjoying substitute teaching in several school districts. After passing out one day, and a trip to the emergency room followed up by tests, she was diagnosed healthy. We are relieved nothing serious was found. Bob will have knee surgery on December 22, the same day and with the same doctor as Ruth.

Mary and Joe had our second grandchild, October 6th. Jacob Daniel Dapelo was born a month early, weighing 5 lbs. 1 oz. and is doing great. He is dearly loved by his 20 month old sister, Lily. They have settled into their new home while Joe does his seminary internship in Napoleon, Ohio.

Esther, with two of her friends, moved into our aunt’s house that we were renting in Rosemead. She severely injured her knee in an on-the-job training exercise at Azusa Pacific University. She continues to recover after surgery and with physical therapy.

Ruth is attending Northwestern in nearby St. Paul. She is a nanny for three families and will have surgery on her other knee December 22. She has just become a missionary candidate to do Bible translation and will finish her undergraduate work in May.

John has adapted remarkably well to a new home, giving up his dog, and studying his senior year both on-line with his classmates through Biola University and in a highly-rated public high school (with an enrollment of 2400) around the corner from us.

Saying goodbye to Margaret’s family whom we have been living next door to these nine years was a big change for us all. Living on The Rosemead Compound was a real blessing. We have to console ourselves by making new friends, being nearer to Mary, Ruth, and Margaret’s sisters, Canadian geese honking overhead, squirrels in our yard, deer in the neighborhood and the prospects of a sub-zero winter. We may have escaped the hurricanes of Florida for now, but a tornado damaged 400 homes and killed one child just 16 miles from us.

Bob & Margaret Lee ~ 3140 E Medicine Lake Blvd, Apt. B ~ Minneapolis MN 55441 ~ ~ Phone (763) 746-3097

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