Sunday, October 07, 2012


Dear friends and family,

We are so excited to let you know the great news! Bob's recovery has been amazing. 

They gave him a sedation vacation in the morning yesterday to see if he was going to be able to wake up enough to follow directions. He woke up and was able to leave the ventilator and feeding tube alone so they decreased his sedation slowly throughout the day until he was off of it completely. He kept moving his fingers and feet until we finally realized that he was trying to write. After getting him a pen and some paper he started writing notes to us! The nurse said that he had never seen anyone come out of sedation and start writing like that in his 11 years of nursing! 

The first thing he wrote was "I am not sleeping, should I be?" After that he indicated that he was cold and his pain level was high. They gave him some blankets and pain medications and he got all settled. We are continuously amazed at the progress that he has made. Later, in the afternoon they came in and took the breathing tube out. He was able to breathe completely on his own. Once the tube was out he began to talk, a little at a time. By evening the feeding tube came out as well as most of the lines that he had in. He had some water and then got some applesauce.

He is in full form, begging every medical professional that comes in for either biscuits and gravy, pie or pancakes. He is cracking jokes left and right. 

We are so blessed by all of your prayers, messages, and calls. Everyone has been amazed at how much progress he has made. The nurse told us that he is no longer critical, he is stable. He was sitting on the bed and is about to get up for the first time. PRAISE GOD!! He is so good!

Thank you so much, 
Margaret and family

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